Research & Innovation Projects

Nurogames and Nuromedia have 18 years of experience in national & EU funded research, development and innovation projects


* Apart from SmartSenior, Runsafer, Band4Elder, RehaInteract, AfarCloud and Connexions the above projects are implemented in our sister company Nurogames.

Research & Innovation Topics & Interests

ICT, Software Technologies, Software Engineering, Future Internet & 5G

  • Software Design, Development & Testing, Programming & Modelling Methods
  • Automated Deployment, Dynamic Configuration, Performance Monitoring
  • Context-aware & Self-adaptive Software, FIWARE & Smart Applications

Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cloud Technologies, Advanced Computing

  • Big Data Technologies, Software Engineering, Scalable Architectures
  • Data Structures, Visualisation, Management & Administration Tools
  • Big Data Analytics, Learning Analytics, Health Analytics, Gaming Analytics
  • Data Science, Tracking, Monitoring, Analytics, Reporting
  • Predictive Modelling & Analytics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence, Privacy-Preserving Big Data Technologies
  • Cloud Data Management, IoT Data Warehouse

UI/UX, User Interfaces, VR/AR

  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Applications
  • Multi-Modal Interfaces, Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
  • User Interface / User Experience Design
  • ICT Research & Innovation for Creative Industries & Cultural Heritage

Digital Gaming Technologies, Gaming & Gamification

  • Serious Games & Applied Games, Gamification Solutions
  • Mobile Games, Online Games, Smartphone & Smart TV Games
  • Massively Multi-User Online Games, Strategy Games, City Builder, etc.

Learning, Teaching & Education 

  • Educational Games & Game-Based Learning
  • Technology Enhanced Learning & Digital Learning Applications
  • Interactive Learning in VR/AR Environments

Health, Personalised Medicine, Health Care & Lifestyle 

  • Health Games & Apps, Health ICT, Big Data
  • eHealth & mHealth Application & System Design & Development
  • ICT Solutions for Active Ageing & Self-Management of Health

Focus Areas, Smart Cities, Communities & Homes, Energy, Transport, Mobility 

  • Behavioural Change towards Energy Efficiency through ICT
  • ICT for the Factories of the Future, Digital Automation
  • Internet of Things / Smart Cyber-Physical Systems
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