The project ReliVR focuses on the development of virtual reality (VR) based digital therapy modules for patients with major depression (MD). Furthermore, an independent desktop-based system is to be set up, which can be used in the patient’s home context without the procurement of additional hardware.

On the one hand, the treatment success of psychotherapeutic presence therapy is to be strengthened by the overall ReliVR system. On the other hand, a supplementary desktop version (ReliVR-Online) should offer the possibility of enriching therapy waiting times and treatment breaks with digital desktop therapy exercises at home.

In addition, an early warning system for relapse prevention will be designed and trained. This, as well as the diagnosis and therapy application itself, will be examined in several user studies and tests of the entire system. Parallel to the project duration, an open dialogue with experts and users is being conducted and public relations work is being promoted for joint exchange. The results will be scientifically and technically exploited and made available to a broad public.