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About Us

We Create Digital Solutions for a Positive Change in Transforming Markets, Industries and Interests

We are a global team of experts. Our goal is to set tomorrow’s industry-wide benchmarks today. Nuromedia creates engineering solutions in software development, visualizations, gamification and extended reality projects in transforming industries and in research & innovation projects.

Nuromedia GmbH offers more than 17 years of expertise in business engineering, innovation of business concepts and company building. With state of the art methods and techniques we develop sustainable solutions with a sense for business, trends and feasibility. We support our partners with innovation, transformation and digitization. With our partners, we play to our strengths in research and innovation projects and for established customers.

Innovation in digital technologies is driven by strong interdisciplinary collaborations, personalized, customer-oriented solutions, leveraging on new technologies, offering a true disruption. We cover the entire chain of software and research project development – from the initial idea to final production, implementation and even distribution & marketing.

Digital Transformation, Innovation & Business Development

We are passionated software engineering specialists. We have more than 20 years of expertise in national & international commercial and innovation projects with a focus on software development, gamification, visualization & extended reality. Our team is primarily made up of consultants, developers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs. Our team combines competences such as business engineering, 2D/3D animation, AR, MR & VR development, UI/UX design and IoT.

We understand the complexity of modern markets and their technical requirements We develop customized solutions and projects in relevant industries & business fields such as health, energy, industry & work, education or e-learning.

Nuromedia has been founded in 2006 in Cologne, Germany. Our international team from 22 countries is primarily made up of consultants, developers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, solvers & creators in 2 locations: Cologne & Barcelona.