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Smart Gaming

Cross-platform Gaming Technology for Smart TV and mobile Devices

Budget: 500.000 EuroLogoSmartGaming

The aim of the Smart Gaming project is the creation of an economically attractive technology and knowledge
base for the multiplayer and multi-device environment of Smart TV in order to provide an established and efficient development of innovative games to be played in the comfort of the living room.

Focus areas

  1. The investigation of an appropriate interaction paradigm and innovative single player and multiplayer game design concepts.
  2. The development of a cross-platform technology to support game production and distribution.

The project is funded as a part of the competition “Media NRW” by the NRW-EU Target 2-program and the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund.


  • Cocos2d-x-based project
  • Middleware for Client-Server communication for client Android devices
  • Implementation of Client-Server middleware in own SideScroller game prototype