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ELG Nuromedia Terms of Service

Nuromedia is offering services for research and innovation, such as sign language linguistic research of the EASIER project (intElligent Automatic SIgn languagE tRanslation).

Within the framework of the EASIER project, Nuromedia has developed an app and orchestrator for automated translation technologies, and has provided support for the deployment of AI components. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) pertaining to specific components or content are the property of our partners. Nuromedia’s components can be utilized for building video databases, collecting text and video feedback, or constructing questionnaires containing text and video content, such as a SUS analysis für sign language users.

The EASIER app and orchestrator facilitate translation with emotional support for sign language (video), voice (audio/video), and text in any supported language and direction. EASIER translation primarily focuses on sign languages such as DGS, DSGS, LIS, LSF, GSL, BSL, and spoken languages like DE, EN, GR, FR, IT. The orchestrator preprocesses the input and invokes components for affect detection, sign language recognition, translation, speech synthesis, and avatar-based sign language generation.

Should you require the integration or adoption of these services published on ELG to support your research, it is possible to develop commercial services as well. For demonstrations, funding opportunities, or inquiries regarding development and deployment fees, please do not hesitate to contact us at