// SeaClouds


Seamless adaptive multi-cloud management of service-based applicationsseaclouds

Programm – FP7-ICT-2013-10
Budget: 3 Million Euro

The main goal of the SeaClouds approach is to perform a seamless adaptive multi-cloud management of service-based applications, by developing Cloud Service Orchestrators and a set of tools to manage complex applications, and avoiding, as consequence, the problem of Cloud lock-in. This will be achieved by supporting the migration, replication, and distribution of modules that compose cloud-based applications over multiple and technologically diverse Clouds offerings, by using a unified management API and universal metrics for monitoring and verifying functional and non-functional properties. Thus, SeaClouds will also have a main goal to be compatible with standards related to cloud interoperability.


SeaClouds Project Schematic

Nurogames delivers its case study to the project and aims at finding a solution which could handle peaks (e.g. lunch time/updates) and booms of players (after promotion) flexible with a small administrative effort to the company, no intolerable delays to the users and a reasonable pricing.

The Collaborative Project is funded by the European Union, represented by the European Commission.